The Ellen debacle has been well documented. And by the Ellen debacle, I mean the bruhaha in which she has pretended to be nice and kind, has built an entire career and only for us to

The saving strategies that worked for me!

I bought a home as a single woman and freelancer in one of the

That sentence would have seemed insane just three years ago.

As a working-class woman of colour who grew up with a single parent in…

And yet, everything I do flies in the face of the established wisdom on writing on Medium

Okay, so let's get this out of the way.

How Australia took a day about anti-racism and turned it into a day about the colour orange.

The 21st of March every year has been designated by the On that date in 1960, police

The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend

Firstly, who or what, is a tankie?

Noun: [tangk-ee], (plural )

Tankies are a type of leftists. The original term was a reference to. Specifically, it comes from their support for the use of the Soviet Union tanks that were…

Colourism is the oppression that individuals with a dark skin tone face experience, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. It is usually steeped in white supremacy, colonialism and the preference for whiteness, both from white people and communities of colour. …

I have a friend who only reads writing by people of colour. ONLY. She once remarked that there are so many great POC writers out there that we have yet to discover, so why are we wasting time reading white people?

This reminded me of

Yes, even if it’s been used against you.

Hasan Minhaj’s stand-up routine on Netflix, “Homecoming King.”

“The N-word is unique in the English language. It is the ultimate insult; a word that has tormented generations of African-Americans. In 2008, Neal A. Lester, dean of humanities at Arizona State University, taught the first-ever college-level class designed to explore the N-word. According to Lester, as early as the…

In the year 2020, I, Sangeetha Thanapal, writer, editor and content creator, wanted to make a sustained effort to read books written by people like me, and for people like me.

I specifically set aside money and effort to search for and find novels of genres I love (fantasy, romance…

I have no words for how bad this book is. I mean, I do, cos I am going to write them down but also, I really don’t.

We will get to the bad parts soon but this is for TFR so let us get to the horrendous fatphobia in this…


Activist and writer. Coined the term #chineseprivilege. She/her, Tamil, Curvy, Southeast Asian living in Melbourne.

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